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A Diamond’s Clarity

The clarity grade is based on any tiny natural identifiers found within a diamond. Most diamonds selected by Designs By Kamni are free from inclusions that are visible without magnification. We recommend these diamonds for the best balance of quality and price.

Similar to human birthmarks, diamonds develop natural inclusions while they are being formed, and these natural birthmarks make each diamond unique, you could say that inclusions are actually a solid proof of a diamond’s authenticity.

A perfect diamond, one which is completely clear of any imperfections or inclusions, is extremely rare, they are referred to as flawless and carry a substantial premium due to their rarity.

The shape of a diamond can affect the importance of its clarity grade. While the brilliance facets patterns of round and princess-cut diamond can hide certain imperfections, step-cut shapes – such as emerald and asscher-cuts – have large, open tables. If you are searching for a step-cut diamond (such as an emerald), we suggest looking at those with clarity grades of VS1 or higher.

Some clients prefer and find something absolutely remarkable about having an internally flawless diamond. To still stay within their price point, they prefer to select a diamond with a lower carat weight and an exceptional clarity grade.

A majority of our diamonds is within the VS2-SI1 clarity range and we pride ourselves on choosing the best of the best options to offer our clients. We generally avoid diamonds with black or dark inclusions and aim to find diamonds that have imperfections along the edges which can be masked by prongs or a halo.

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