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Understanding Color

Diamond color refers to the whiteness or absence of color in a diamond. The less color within a diamond, the more valuable it is likely to be. The color of a diamond can impact the price significantly and also the look of the diamond. Traditionally we think of diamonds as “Colorless” or “White”. These diamonds are graded by a sliding alphabetical scale starting as “D” which is colorless all the way to “Z” which shows a strong yellow color.

How is a Diamond’s Color Graded?

The highest premiums come from diamonds which are termed “Colorless” and are of the D-E-F color range. Designs By Kamni usually uses diamonds within the color range of F-G-H-I in engagement rings and always consults each client on the importance of the color grade of a diamond. A diamonds color can be masked by the different type of metal is it set in. For example yellow tinted stones look best set in yellow or rose gold diamond jewelry.